Referee Joey Crawford Iced Kevin Durant at the Free Throw Line Last Night (Video)

joey crawford ices kevin durant during overtime free throw

Normally, if a coach wants to ice a free-throw shooter, he has to burn a timeout. Last night in Oklahoma City, however, referee Joey Crawford gave Grizzlies coach David Joerger a freebie.

With just 27.5 seconds remaining in overtime and the Grizzlies holding a 100-99 lead over the Thunder, Kevin Durant stepped to the line to take the second of two free throw attempts. He’d already made the first one, and if he made the second the game would be tied, giving his team a significantly better chance of not losing.

So what happened? Just as KD was starting his pre-free throw routine, referee Joey Crawford suddenly ran toward him waving his arms. Then he took the ball and went over to the scorers table and yelled at the guys there for not having the correct information up on the scoreboard.

After he took care of that very important problem, which absolutely could NOT have waited, he gave the ball back to Durant, and the career .882 free throw shooter missed his second shot.

Take a look at the video. It’s just as bizarre as it sounds.

This is not the first time Crawford has made a spectacle of himself, either. A couple years ago he gave us this very unusual little dance during a Pacers-Lakers game, and just last week he nearly ran into Golden State’s Stephen Curry while he was attempting a three-pointer.

Obviously, you can’t blame the Thunder loss or their 3-2 series hole on Crawford. But still, I think everybody would just like to see this dude chill the hell out.

Hat Tip – [Point Forward]

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