Worst Dad Ever Kicks Son Down Halfpipe (Video)

Dad Kicks Son Down Halfpipe

Look out, presumptive 2014 Dad of the Year nominees: A new dark horse candidate is making waves on the scene—waves caused by his kicking his six-year-old son down a skate park halfpipe.

The video was taken at a Jacksonville, Florida, skate park, posted on Instagram, and is now being investigated by the Department of Children and Families. According to a recent news report (check it out here), the man and his young son are regulars at the skate park, and the kid did manage to skate some more after the incident in the video.

But he also says the following:

“We wish the best for him and his family, and certainly this is something we wouldn’t promote or condone and feel it is a parent taking it too far.”

“It,” of course, being kicking your kid, which I would agree is being taken too far in this particular case. Almost as infuriating is the way the dad just nonchalantly walks off after doing the deed, like he’s Nicolas Cage walking away from an explosion and not a guy who just punted a small child.

You can see the video of the incident below (Bob Saget narration not included):




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