Floyd Mayweather Posts Ex-Fiancées Sonogram on Facebook and Accuses Her of Killing Babies (Pic)


Well, if his multiple arrests and convictions for beating up women wasn’t enough to convince you Floyd Mayweather is a really shitty person, this ought to do it.

Earlier this year, or possibly late last year, Mayweather’s fiancée, Shantel Jackson, broke up with him. Mayweather has stated very openly in the past that he has no intention of ever being monogamous. However, Jackson apparently thought she could change him, and when she realized she could not, she ended it.

Today, though, completely out of the blue, Mayweather got on Facebook and claimed that he dumped her…because she had an abortion, and he is “totally against killing babies.”

Oh, and to prove it, he posted a photograph of a sonogram he says she got before the abortion:

floyd mayweather facebook post sonogram abortion

Regardless of how you feel about abortion—and I should point out that the only thing this photo proves is that Shantel is or was pregnant with somebody’s child—can we all agree that this is a pretty horrible thing to do? The photo has since been removed, but the damage it done.

Good luck buying the Clippers, Floyd, you disgusting piece of garbage.

Hat Tip – [Jezebel]


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