Geyser in Home Team’s Bullpen Causes 18-Minute Delay at Minor League Baseball Game (Video)

geyser delay at minor league baseball game

This post is about a minor league baseball game between the Fort Wayne TinCaps and Great Lakes Loons of the Midwest League, which ought to tell you right off the bat that you’re about to see something weird.

You see, on Wednesday afternoon, the TinCaps (single-A affiliate of the Padres) were hosting the Loons (single-A affiliate of the Dodgers) at their gorgeous little ballpark in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana, when the game got delayed—not by inclement weather, or a fan running onto the field, or a dog stealing somebody’s glove—but by a geyser

No, not a geezer. A geyser, as in a stream of water shooting up into the air. The TinCaps first baseman stepped on a sprinkler hose connection with his cleats while going for a foul ball in the top of the 5th, creating an impromptu fountain in the home team’s bullpen…and an 18-minute delay.

Bet you’ve never seen that at no fancy Major League ballgame.

Hat Tip – [Eye on Baseball]


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