Wanna Watch Kate Upton Singing And Dancing In A Bikini? Sure You Do! (Video)

Kate Upton Cook Islands SI shoot

Sports Illustrated recently released some behind-the-scenes footage from a photo shoot for their Swimsuit Issue, and it shows us a goofy side of Kate Upton that we all hoped had existed. I mean, there’s enough Kristen Stewarts in the world. Bring on the women who smile.

Here, we see Kate in a bikini that can only be described as “neon” (Green? Yellow? Canary? Chartreuse?), singing and dancing during her down time on a boat in the Cook Islands. Fortunately, those ambitious journalists over at SI were able to capture it for us.

Say what you want about the inevitable decline of print media, those guys are holding on to the concept of bathing suit journalism like grim death, God bless them.

Feast your eyes on the one they call Up-Ton:

Anyway, it’s a little difficult to expound further on the video. Kate Upton is half-naked, dancing, smiling, and having fun. That stuff sells itself. What are you? Made of stone?

Other than that…uhhh…the beach looks pretty nice. I hear Cook Islands is named after Captain Cook. How bout that?

OH COME ON! Watch the video and get on with your life. Or this one. You won’t regret it. It’s what Kate would want.

Hat Tip – [Swim Daily]


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