Watch Metallica Take Batting Practice at AT&T Park (Video)

Metallica Batting Practice

If you find yourself siding with the camp that thinks  Metallica is a little too old to rock anymore, then maybe they can convince you they’re still young enough to be a DH for the Marlins or something.

On Tuesday afternoon, the metal icons took batting practice in their hometown of San Francisco at AT&T Park.  Why? Maybe because they’re Metallica, and they get to do things like that. That’s why.

Actually, they’ve got an upcoming sequel to a sequel event at AT&T Park called Metallica Night, where Giants fans will get inflatable guitars and possibly use them to beat opposing fans senseless in the stands.

No word on whether or not Metallica came out to a song by Mariano Rivera, but we’re hoping they did.

James Hetfield and Co. were able to get their swings in before an afternoon match-up between the Padres and the Giants on Tuesday. Pretending that the ball was Napster’s Shaun Fanning, here’s Hetfield taking a cut:

The only thing that looks goofier than Hetfield’s home run stare is Alice Cooper on a golf course. Here’s a look at the entire video from

Hat Tip – [Cut4]


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