This Minor League Prank Is Pretty Funny, Unless You’re A Chicken (Video)

SF chicken prank

To be clear, I wasn’t using the figurative use of “chicken” like “coward,” in the title—but rather chicken like, “that animal we order at restaurants when we don’t really know what we want.”

Allow me to explain…

When you’re a minor league team situated in El Paso, you can’t really expect fun to come to you. You have to go out and find it. Or, in the most extreme cases of boredom, create it.

So, in keeping with the long, well-documented marriage of minor league baseball and stupid pranks, the El Paso Chihuahuas decided to have a little fun with their teammate, pitcher Nick Jones, by putting a live chicken in his locker.

Here’s the proof:

Is it clever? No, unless there’s some inside joke or subtext that Instagram isn’t revealing.  But it is a chicken in a locker, which is pretty fun to look at for the length of this Instagram video, then forget.

Funnier than the prank itself is the look on the chicken’s face, which you can see in the tweet below. It’s as if it’s trying to say, “This is what passes for humor amongst you? Even by the standards of El Paso minor league baseball, this is a half-prank, at best.”

At least that’s how I view the chicken’s face.

Hat Tip – [TheScore]




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