Watch Nats’ Kevin Frandsen Make a Ridiculous No-Look Behind-the-Back Catch Off the Wall (Video + GIF)

kevin frandsen no-look behind-the-back catch

When the 2014 MLB Season is finished, I guarantee you the play you are about to see will be among the most memorable.

On Tuesday night in Houston, with a runner on first and two outs in the bottom of the third, Astros catcher Jason Castro launched a rocket that caromed off the left field wall.

Now, fielding the ball cleanly on that type of play is tough for even the best outfielders. But playing left field for the visiting Nationals that night was Kevin Frandsen, the Nats’ utility infielder. So nobody would have been surprised to see the ball bounce off the wall and get away from him.

That’s not what happened, though. This is what happened:

And here’s another look at the play in slow motion:

Yep. That’s a no-look behind-the-back catch.

Lucky? You’re damned right it was lucky. Fandsen had no clue where that ball was going when it left the bat.

But hey, he couldn’t have gotten that lucky without some good reflexes, right?

Hat Tip – [Cut4]


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