Reds Fan Catches Foul Ball with One Hand While Holding His Kid in the Other (Video)

reds fan one-handed catch while holding kid

There are many ways in which going after a foul ball at a baseball game can make you famous on the internet, and 95% of them involve being a douchebag or seriously injuring yourself.

The other 5%, however, involve making a spectacular catch. And of course, there are many ways to do this, such as catching the ball with an oversized novelty baseball glove, or maybe catching it in your beer.

However, the most badass way to catch a foul ball at a baseball game and get famous on the internet is to snag the ball in one hand while holding a child or infant in the other. If you do that, you become a member of one of baseball’s most elite clubs.

Today that club has a new member.  He is a Cincinnati Reds fan.

Take a look:

Kind of makes you want to have kids just so you can bring them to baseball games and try this, doesn’t it?

Well done, Reds dad.


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