Rob Ford Caught On Camera With Crack Pipe Again (Pics)

Most of the chronicles of the adventures of Toronto mayor Rob Ford on this site have at least tangentially had something to do with sports. But that isn’t really the case this time, unless you consider smoking crack a sport.

If smoking crack were a sport, though, Rob Ford has proven himself to be a world champion. After repeatedly denying that he had a crack habit, and claiming that previous evidence of his crack-smoking ways were just the result of a “drunken stupor” (you known you’re a good politician when your excuse for smoking crack is “I was drunk at the time”), Ford has now been captured on video smoking crack again.

The video itself is still locked away in some kind of pay-for-play situation that you can read a detailed account of at Gawker’s website.

There are also some stills which you can see in the gallery up at the top, and the video will almost certainly surface at some point. As for Ford, he’s finally taking a leave of absence, which is probably a good idea for his and everyone else’s sake.




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