Western Oregon Softball Game Victimized By Glove-Stealing Dog (Video)

Dog Steals Glove at Softball Game

If you happened to be watching the Western Oregon softball game the other night, then this might be old news. However, in the unlikely event your attention was focused somewhere other than regional college softball in the Pacific northwest, then have we got a video for you!

A rogue dog made its way onto the diamond (softball security is notoriously lax), stole a player’s glove and proceeded to run around with it in hilarious fashion, delaying the game.

We’re all asking ourselves, “Why did this happen? Narcoleptic impulses? Bath salts? The fact that it’s a dog and dogs do awesome things like this from time to time?” Who knows, really?

Take a look at the unwieldy beast in action:

Now, in case you think that the dog was an unwelcome distraction from an otherwise engaging softball game, we’ll have you know that Western Oregon took the game 9-0, and it really wasn’t even as close as the score would lead you to believe.

On a more somber note, when campus security attempted to subdue the dog, the dog’s hip was shattered, forcing authorities to euthanize the dog late last night.

Not really. That last part never happened. The dog is fine. Nothing’s going to hurt that lovable scamp on our watch.

Hat Tip – [The Oregonian]


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