High School Baseball Team Gives Teammate with Down Syndrome a Moment He’ll Never Forget (Video)

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Over the last several years we’ve seen a number of feel-good stories about high school football and basketball teams giving teammates with special needs moments they’ll never forget.

Today we have a story about a high school baseball team getting in on the act.

Last year, Timberline High School (Boise, Idaho) baseball coach Larry Price befriended senior Eddie Gordon, who has down syndrome, and invited him to serve as the team’s batboy. Eddie quickly became a beloved member of the team, earning the nickname “Fast Eddie,” and the Wolves went on a cinderella run to the Idaho 5A state championship.

After that, he became a celebrity at Timerline High and really came out of his shell.

“My son grew leaps and bounds developmentally,” his mom told the Idaho Statesman. “Not just self esteem—his language increased. They don’t understand the impact they’ve had.”

Of course, Eddie has had an impact on his teammates, too.
“Whenever he comes through the gate, he always has this huge smile on his face,” explained senior catcher Tyler Roper. “We see him and we’re like, ‘Man, it must be a good day.’ To always stay positive like that is something a role model would do, and I definitely look up to him.”
For that reason, on Timberline’s senior night, Fast Eddie’s coaches and teammates wanted to give him the experience of a lifetime. So they collaborated with their opponents, the Centiennial High Patriots, and got Eddie an at-bat to lead off the game.
Take a look:

Did that make your day or what?

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