Historic Weekend: For First Time Ever, Three NBA Game 7s In One Day

thunder grizzlies game 7

If you love the drama of a Game 7, man, this is your week.

On Wednesday there were three Game 7s in the Stanley Cup Playoffs: Rangers-Flyers, Wild-Avalanche, and Kings-Sharks. That was awesome, but it wasn’t quite uncharted territory for the NHL. There were also three Game 7s on the same day in 2003, 1997, and 1995—and in 1992 there were four Game 7s on the same day.

However, the NBA is entering uncharted territory. They only instituted the best-of-seven format for the first round in 2003, so they haven’t had as many opportunities. Thus, on Saturday, when there will be Game 7s for Warriors-Clippers, Hawks-Pacers, and Thunder-Grizzlies, it will be the very first time in NBA history that there have been three Game 7s in one day.

But wait, that’s not all. If the Nets, Mavericks, and Rockets win tonight, there will also be three more Game 7s on Sunday. That would make six NBA Game 7s and three NHL Game 7s just this week, for a grand total of nine.

Nine Game 7s in one week? Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

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