Intense Jockey’s Headshot Delights Kentucky Derby Viewers (GIF)

Shaun Bridgmohan

The thing about jockeys is that they often pack seven feet of intensity into only about five feet of jockey.  But even compared to other jockeys, Shaun Bridgmohan is unusually intense.

He’s the man who rode Commanding Curve into a surprise second place finish at the Kentucky Derby, but he made an impression before the race even started with his television intro facial performance.

Bridgmohan, who is begging to be played by Keegan-Michael Key at some point, broke out the crazy eyes for his introductory headshot at the bottom of the screen prior to the race, capturing the imagination (or, barring that, the nightmares) of millions of viewers at home

In case you missed the Kentucky Derby jockey intros on TV, you can see a GIF of Shaun Bridgmohan’s impressive showing in that medium below. And if this doesn’t give you a new respect for Commanding Curve, I don’t know what will.

Here’s the GIF, courtesy of Bleacher Report:

Commanding Curve's Jockey Shaun Bridgmohan Looks Intense




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