V. Stiviano Breaks Silence, Speaks About Donald Sterling With Barbara Walters on “20/20” (Video)

V. Stiviano Barbara Walters Interview

Donald Sterling‘s girlfriend/assistant/audio record keeper, V. Stivianohas been mostly silent in the aftermath of the huge scandal involving Sterling, even going so far as to wear a cool face visor when she goes outside. But that silence was broken in a recent interview with, who else, Barbara Walters on 20/20.

The interview is pretty much 18 minutes of ridiculousness, but there are some highlights. The one that will probably be getting the most jokes come Monday morning is Stiviano’s comment that she is Donald Sterling’s “silly rabbit.” Equally incredible is her assertion that Sterling isn’t a racist—which invites the question of exactly what this guy would have to say in order for his silly rabbit to think he is a racist.

Stiviano continues to express sympathy and allegiance with Sterling during the interview, despite the seemingly obvious conclusion that she was the one who made and released the recordings that got him into so much trouble.  But hey, maybe it would be better if you just watched the interview for yourself.  It really is something else:




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