Adrien Broner Drops F-Bomb, Racist Taunt After Beating Carlos Molina (Video)


There were a lot of reasons for Adrien Broner to be humble after defeating Carlos Molina at the MGM Grand on Saturday night.

For starters, if Broner had defeated Marcos Maidana at the Alamodome back in December, he might have been the one fighting Floyd Mayweather on Saturday night with the WBA and WBC welterweight titles on the line. However, he did not defeat Maidana, and so was relegated to the undercard of the Mayweather-Maidana fight.

Then there was the actual outcome of the bout. Broner defeated Carlos Molina, but his performance was unconvincing. Broner was a -2500 favorite at one point, meaning everyone expected him to wipe the floor with his opponent. Instead, he looked like his heart was not in it and he was trying to do just barely enough to win. So Broner didn’t really have a whole lot to brag about. He won, but his reputation still went down another peg.

Unfortunately, Broner doesn’t have a humble bone in his body (see this, for example, or this).  And so instead of praising his opponent, who put up a good fight, he dropped an f-bomb and some crazy racist shit before issuing a challenge to Manny Pacquio:

What a douche.

Hat Tip – [Complex]


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