Floyd Mayweather Walk-In Entourage Features Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber…and Circus Performers (Video)

mayweather bieber lil wayne walkin entourage

He may be a man of questionable character, but I will say this for Floyd Mayweather: the man always gives you a lot of bang for your pay-per-view buck. Most guys just box and that’s that. Money May gives you a little circus with his increasingly elaborate walk-ins and eclectic entourages.

His fight on Saturday night in Vegas was no exception. Mayweather didn’t just give us an entertaining fight, withstanding a formidable attack by Marcos Maidana to remain the undefeated (46-0) pound-for-pound king of the boxing world. He also gave us his most bizarre walk-in yet.

What was so bizarre? Well, it wasn’t just the presence of Justin Bieber and Lil’ Wayne, who debuted a new track called “Believe Me.” That was weird, but it’s the third time Mayweather has entered the ring with those two flanking him.

No, what really made this entrance stand out was the circus clowns.

Here’s the video of the walk-in, which lasted for an impressive two minutes:

And here’s a little gallery of the three amigos, complete with up-close shots of Bieber’s stupid hat:

I bet on Sunday morning they all went to the spa for mani-pedis.


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