Karl Malone Spends His Post-NBA Life Bowhunting Large Bears, Apparently (Pic)

Karl Malone and Bear

Karl Malone may have never found his way to a championship team during his NBA tenure, but he has one of the best nicknames in pro sports history, and he also KILLS BEARS WITH A BOW AND ARROW.

It’s long been known that Karl Malone’s off-court interests have always run counter to those commonly thought to belong to NBA players. First of all, he was in Utah, which pretty much kicks the legs out from any glamorous urban pursuits you might find in New York or Miami. His big hobby during the offseason was being a trucker, complete with his own rig (which differed from the one shown below).

Karl Malone truck

So clearly, Karl Malone relaxes in a fashion different not only from every other NBA player, but 99% of the population at large.

While it wasn’t shocking when the top pic of the Mailman sitting atop a giant dead bear started circulating, it’s still a little hard to get used to because of the following reasons:

  • The bear is very large
  • He used a bow and arrow, which isn’t exactly a “one shot, one kill” device
  • The expression on his face is all “Where do you guys want to go for lunch once we load this bear into the truck
  • Can he buy hunting clothes off the rack, or is it a big-and-tall-store type situation?

But despite all of that, “the Mailman” still delivered, as usual.



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