Levante’s Papakouli Diop Deals With Racism During Game (Video)

Papkouli Diop Dancing

Racism is an unfortunate part of soccer culture (not to say that other sports are exempt from it, obviously), and players are coming up with new and different ways of dealing with it.

Take, for instance, Papakouli Diop of Levante, who performed a dance in response to some racially-tinged abuse from fans of the opposing Atletico Madrid.

The dance caused some confusion as the whistle blew for full time, since many assumed that Diop was taunting his opponents on the field following a 2-0 victory.  Even a prominent sports news Twitter account tweeted about the incident while missing its racial overtones:

Later, they corrected this based on input from Diop himself, and noted the fan at the top left of the photo who appears to be doing some kind of chimpanzee pantomime. Classy move.

You can see some video of Papkouli Diop’s racism-provoked dance on the field during Levante’s match-up against Atletico Madrid below.

Take that, racists!

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