Lil Wayne Tried to Fight Marcos Maidana’s Trainer After Mayweather-Maidana Fight (Video)

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As you probably know, on Saturday night Lil Wayne was once again a member of the Floyd Maweather entourage at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

However, what you probably did not know was that Wayne wasn’t just there to rap during Money Mayweather’s walk-in. He takes his role as paid Mayweather groupie very seriously, and after the bout he nearly got into a fight with a member of the Marcos Maidana entourage.

Now me, I just assumed that Weezy was a little upset because Floyd was spending so much time with Bieber lately, and that he just lashed out at the first possible target. However, the folks over at TMZ got to the bottom of the whole situation, and it turns out that it wasn’t that at all. Apparently, amidst all the chaos after the fight, somebody threw a water bottle that hit Weezy in the head, and Weezy believed quite passionately that the perpetrator was none other than Maidana’s trainer. So he challenged him to a fight, while other members of his crew held him back.

Take a look:

Come on, Lil Wayne. Keep it together. If you absolutely must fight somebody, be like your boy Floyd—do it in a ring and get paid $32 million for it.


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