Shaun White Crashes Female Fan’s Prom (Video)

Shaun White Prom

Carly Monzo is a senior at Mount St. Joseph high school in Pennsylvania. For the last few months, she’s been madly promoting a 4-minute video she made with a GoPro camera (which White has an endorsement deal with, nice touch) asking Shaun White to be her date to senior prom.

The video was inspired by the fact that Shaun White reportedly didn’t make it to his senior prom, probably because he was too busy earning millions of dollars. But now he has been to prom, because he, along with his band Bad Things, decided to make a surprise visit to Monzo’s prom over the weekend.

It was a sweet gesture, and Carly was understandably excited, telling The Times Herald, “I was like, this is not real life right now. I was speechless. I didn’t even know what to say.”

It’s kind of nice to learn that even in 2014, a big surprise gesture like this is still possible. I just wish someone had told Carly’s actual prom date.

Here’s some video of the surprise concert taken from Carly’s Instagram account here, which now has a lot of Shaun-White-related content (including the photo up top):

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