Behold This Ridiculously Violent Spinning Jump Kick KO From Glory 16: Denver (Video)

glory 16 flying kick ko

If you like kickboxing, then you were probably watching Glory 16: Denver on Spike on Saturday night. Unfortunately, however, that broadcast only had the main card, which consisted of a heavyweight contender tournament and the welterweight championship fight. So you did not see the highlight of the night, which came during a preliminary card fight between Raymond Daniels and Francois Ambang.

Isn’t that always how it goes?

Just 0:21 into Round 1, Daniels knocked Ambang down with a punch and got an eight-count. Then, at the 1:47 Daniels destroyed Ambang with a spinning jump kick to the face.

It was as technically brilliant as it was painful to watch. Take a look:

All things considered, Ambang was surprisingly alert pretty soon after hitting the canvas. However, it sure looks like the guy was out cold for the first few seconds.

Either way, that’s one hell of a knockout.

Hat Tip – [Bloody Elbow]


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