Tom Brady’s Kentucky Derby Faux-Hawk Makes Him Look Like Tintin (Pic)

Tom Brady Tintin

It’s probably pretty hard to make Tom Brady feel bad about himself. I mean, he’s among the most iconic quarterbacks in the NFL, he’s veryveryvery handsome, and he’s married to Gisele, who herself is veryveryvery pretty.

Which means we can openly discuss and criticize Tom Brady’s hairstyle without worrying about him going on suicide watch or anything.

Over the weekend was the Kentucky Derby, where famous people get together to drink and dress like assholes. It’s looks like a pretty fun time, and fortunately all the fashion faux pas made were in the shadow of Johnny Weir‘s hat, so many escaped scrutiny.

Back to Brady’s hair…

Brady, who’s been known to rock some questionable hairstyles, wore a faux hawk this weekend. Why a faux hawk? I don’t know. Maybe he thought it was 2004. Maybe he lost a bet with Adam Levine or something. Who knows. Anyway, what’s most remarkable is how one man can wear the same hairstyle and appear so different.

We saw the approach above, which is questionable at best. But then we see him rock it in a more elegant fashion here:

Tom Brady hair

Still, that first hairdo looks pretty familiar. Where have I seen it before? Oh, that’s right…


Okay. That’s pretty much all we have to say about Tom Brady’s hair for a while.


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