Trapeze Collapses At Ringling Bros. Circus Leaving Nine Seriously Injured (Video)

Ringling Bros Circus Accident

Bad news from the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Legends circus show in Providence, Rhode Island. During an elaborate trapeze routine involving several acrobats being suspended in the air held only by the hair on their heads, the structure holding them up collapsed and they fell up to 40 feet to the ground.

The incident involved somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 performers, nine of which were seriously injured in the accident. Hopefully, they’re all going to be okay and back to hanging 40 feet in the air by their hair in no time.

If you want, you can see a video of the incident captured by someone who was in the audience below. It’s not crystal clear, but when the fall happens at around 0:41 (just as the ringmaster is telling the audience what the acrobats are being held up by), you can see the whole thing with horrifying clarity.  It really is a wonder that no one was killed.

Here it is:

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