Wes Welker Was Just Giving Out Hundred-Dollar Bills At The Kentucky Derby (Pic)

Welker Makes It RainSomewhere on the spectrum between “giving back to the community” and “Pacman Jones at a strip club” lies Wes Welker, who, after supposedly winning big at the Kentucky Derby (Man, that #kyderby hashtag was confusing), started handing out Benjamins to strangers.

Now, I don’t know if it’s technically, “making it rain,” if you just hand money to people, and there’s no evidence that Welker threw the money up in the air, so I’ll leave it to the reader to decide whether or not Welker made it rain, or perhaps just brought some light precipitation to the event.

In case that doesn’t really clue you in to the size of the stack, there’s this angle:

Wes Welker stacks

Holy shit. That’s a lot of cash.

On a somewhat related note, the only way you can escape criticism for wearing a hat like that is a) being at the Kentucky Derby, and b) handing out free money to strangers, so Welker gets a free pass from the fashion police on two counts.


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