Yu Darvish Doppelgänger Catches Foul Ball Pitched by Yu Darvish (Video)

yu darvish foul ball doppelganger

On Saturday in Arlington, Angels outfielder Colin Cowgill popped a Yu Darvish changeup down the first base line and into the stands, where it was caught by Yu Darvish.

That’s right. Yu Darvish was on the mound pitching and in the stands catching foul balls, which could only mean one of two things. Either future Yu Darvish has discovered time travel and is using it to go back and watch himself be awesome, or there was a guy in the stands who looks and dresses like Yu Darvish.

Okay fine, it was number two. I can’t seem to find his actual name (because no one who’s actually talked to him has cared enough to ask, I guess), but he has been spotted at a number of Rangers games in various locations, and he goes by the nickname “Minivish.”

Here’s Minivish catching the foul ball pitched by Darvish:

And here he is getting interviewed by New Jersey’s WWOR when he turned up at Yankee Stadium last year:

So don’t worry, everybody. The space-time continuum is going to be just fine. It was just Yu’s Doppelgänger.

Hat Tip – [Cut4]


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