Floyd Mayweather Brags About $32M Payout On Instagram

Floyd Mayweather Payout

Classy move alert: Over on Floyd Mayweather‘s Instagram account, the fighter is bragging not about beating opponent Marcos Maidana on Saturday night, but about how much money he stands to make in the meantime.

Mayweather posted the photo above of himself with some pretty startling figures placed on top (you can see the post itself here): “$14,815 per second,” “$888,889 per minute,” “$2,666,667 per round,” and “$32 million in 36 minutes.”

These are the figures tabulated for Mayweather’s Saturday night payout, and according to Mayweather, that’s not even the end of his earnings for that one fight. According to his Instagram caption attached to the photo, he expects to make an additional $38 million on the pay-per-view back end, which he helpfully calculates as equaling a “grand total of $70,000,000.00.”

If you have a desire to see more details of Floyd Mayweather’s financial life, or perhaps get some hints on what he’s spending all that cash on, you can check out his Instagram account here. And remember, money doesn’t buy happiness, I guess.