Kings Fan Roughs Up Female Ducks Fan Outside Honda Center After Game 2 (Video)

female ducks fan gets punched by kings fan

When two pro sports teams play their home games thirty miles away from each other, that’s a recipe for an intense rivalry. And when they meet in the playoffs, that’s a recipe for fan brawls.

Last night all these ingredients came together in Anaheim, where the Ducks lost Game 2 of their second round playoff series to the hated Kings. Jonathan Quick punched Corey Perry in the junk during the game, and fans of the two teams brawled in front of the Honda Center after the game.

We don’t know what caused the brawl in question, though you can bet alcohol and trash talk were involved. What we do know is that one female Ducks fan was very upset about the situation unfolding before her eyes, and she ended up getting punched by a male Kings fan while trying to break it up.

In the following video, if you look really hard, at the 0:18 mark you’ll notice a blonde woman go to grab a man from behind to pull him off of somebody. Then you’ll notice that man turn around and clock the woman, knocking her on the ground.

It’s pretty hard to see what’s going on in this video, but I took some screen caps and lightened them up. They give a pretty clear picture:

Come on, everybody. Settle down.


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