Luis Suarez Balled His Eyes Out After Liverpool Choked Away the Premier League Title Yesterday (Video)

luis suarez crying

Yesterday a 3-3 draw against Crystal Palace left Liverpool’s Luis Suarez, the Premier League’s player of the year, balling his eyes out.

Now, given the guy’s disreputable past (as you may recall, he’s a bit of a biter), this sight probably left a lot of people happy.

Still, to understand the tears, you need to know a bit of context.

You see, when Liverpool lost to Chelsea on April 27, it dealt a small blow to their championship hopes, but it wasn’t over yet. There were still two games left, and second place Manchester City had a tough game against Everton on May 3.

Then City beat Everton putting them into a tie with Liverpool at the top of the standings with a game in hand. But hey, the season still wasn’t over for Liverpool. If they beat Crystal Palace and Newcastle to close out the season, they had a pretty decent shot at the league title. There was no reason to despair just yet.

Now there is, though. Against Crystal Palace yesterday, Liverpool choked in epic fashion. After taking a 3-0 lead more than halfway through the game, they coughed up three goals in the final 11 minutes. Now, instead of being up three points on City, they’re up one. And Man City plays West Ham and Aston Villa to close out the year. So basically Liverpool is screwed.

And that’s why Suarez was crying uncontrollably in the middle of the field after the game.

Take a look:

The guy led the Premier League with 31 goals this year, but who cares about that if you choke away the championship, right?

Hat Tip – [101 Great Goals]


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