Peyton Manning Sits With David Letterman, Sheds Some Light On ‘Omaha’ (Video)

Peyton Manning on Letterman

While early May might seem like a weird time to have an esteemed NFL quarterback on your talk show, Peyton Manning generally finds himself pretty busy from September to January.  So smack dab in the middle of the offseason serves as a dynamite time for an appearance on Late Night with David Letterman.

Because David Letterman rarely hosts sports personalities on his show, there was some old ground to cover, namely the Denver quarterback’s prolific use of “Omaha” during his games. If you’re visiting this website, your eyes will probably start bleeding if you have to read another article on “Omaha,” but you’re probably not Letterman’s target demographic, so he doesn’t care what you think.

Here’s a clip of Peyton’s appearance:

This marked the fourth appearance on the Late Show for Peyton Manning, who has largely avoided the spotlight since getting trounced in last season’s Super Bowl. During his appearance, he was able to discuss a few salient points about football, such as his distaste for the TV mikes picking up every audible and sound he makes, making his terminology explicit and familiar to the opposing teams.

He also managed to get in a barb about Bill Belichick, saying the Pats coach “brings his own microphones” in reference to SpyGate.

So, yet again, a late-night talk show serves as a timely source of satire for events that happened years ago.



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