Pirates Fan Has Elaborate Post-Catch Dance (GIF)

Pirates Fan Dance

How many different phases does the average baseball catch celebration dance have? It can’t be more than two, but I count at least twice that in this Pittsburgh Piratesfan’s dance.

There’s the catch itself, followed by a few sways of the ball in hand, then some alternating fist pumps, then some kind of leg hike, then back to an alternate version of the sway. And it all seems so effortless, too, as if he hasn’t spent hours and hours in front of a mirror practicing for this moment. But could that actually be the case?

Hyperbole aside, it’s a nice piece of happiness that you can pretty much only get from baseball, so enjoy it in the GIF below. I kind of wish the GIF included more of the guy’s awkward walk back to his seat after catching the ball, but I guess we can’t have everything.

Here’s the GIF:




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