Smoking Hot Clippers Fan On Air Reaction Is An Overnight Internet Sensation (Video + Gallery)

rebecca grant hot chick touching boobs at clippers game

Don’t you just love the internet? If you’re hot and you flaunt it in an unexpected way, you can get famous literally overnight.

Such is the case with the smoking hot brunette sitting behind Reggie Miller and Kevin Harlan during the Clippers-Thunder game in Oklahoma City. She was on camera for all of fifteen seconds. But! In those fifteen seconds she grabbed her breasts, which are substantial, and the internet was all over it.

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So who is she? Well that’s the funny thing. It turns out she was already kinda famous. Her name is Rebecca Grant, and she’s an actress/model/tv presenter who’s worked for ESPN and the NFL channel and has appeared in the pages of FHM and Maxim. So she’s already doing pretty well for herself.

Judging by the reaction to her little cameo on Twitter (#boobgrab), I think she’ll probably do even better now that everyone knows her as the Clipper boob-grabbing lady.

rebecca grant twitter

Here are some more photos of her that will probably make you want to follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Congratulations, Rebecca Grant—you made it!