Steve Francis Has Decided To Spend His Retirement Pouring Booze on Himself at a Club

Steve Francis

Ok, that title is a little misleading. That’s not ALL he’s done since he retired, but it is, sadly, the most notable thing.

Retired NBA guard Steve Francis, never the poster boy for composure and restraint, appears to have strayed even further from righteousness with the free time of retirement on his hands.

Rather than spell the taped events out for you, just take a look at this video and see for yourself:

Francis, singing along with “Drunk in Love,” is seen pouring a bottle of booze on his head in a Miami club. He then demonstrates a sliver of responsibility by chugging some water. And then he falls over.

Almost as wonderful as the image of Steve Francis bathing himself in booze while singing Beyoncé are the people in the background looking on, slack-jawed as Steve Francis has a moment with himself.

We would hope for a little more composure from the man who owns a record label called Mazerati Music.

Wait. No we wouldn’t.


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