Teddy Bridgewater Fulfills His Childhood Promise, Buys His Mom a Pink Cadillac Escalade (Video)

Teddy Bridgewater Escalade

Spike Lee produced and directed a short documentary on Louisville quarterback and NFL prospect Teddy Bridgewater, and it’s more than a little heart-wrenching. The video, entitled #Promise2Rose, briefly chronicles Bridgewater’s upbringing, the adversity he’s faced, and his relationship with his mom.

The film also features a hashtag in its title, but we’ll overlook that because Spike’s efforts here are pretty endearing.

Take a look at the seven-and-a-half minute documentary on the quarterback:

It turns out that when Bridgewater was nine-years-old, he had a rough day of football practice.  After practice, he looked out the window at a Cadillac Escalade and promised his mother he would buy her a pink one when he grew up. During high school, Bridgewater stood by his mother as she battled breast cancer, and now, as draft day awaits, he can finally make good on his promise to bestow upon her a pink Escalade.

Pretty sweet stuff.

Recently, Teddy Bridgewater has been the source of much speculation as he endured a difficult draft combine and NFL prognosis, causing his stock to drop heading into Thursday’s draft. He’s now faring a little better, but the experts still lack consensus on where he should be picked, with NFL.com’s Mike Mayock labeling him as the fifth best quarterback in the 2014 Draft—behind Johnny Manziel, Blake Bortles, Derek Carr, and Jimmy Garoppolo.

Regardless, his mom is probably feeling pretty damn proud right now.

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