Charles Barkley Has Some Interesting Things to Say About San Antonio’s Women (Video)

charles barkley call san antonio women fat

For a guy who’s apparently so bad at hooking up with women that he has to pay hookers for oral sex, Charles Barkley sure is cavalier about burning bridges.

That’s what he did last night on TNT’s Inside the NBA—he burned a bridge with every single woman born, raised, or living in San Antonio when he went on a minute-long rant about how they’re all fat.

Seriously. On live television, the guy called the female inhabitants of San Antonio “big ole women” who “can’t where no Victoria’s Secret,” then he proclaimed the city a “gold mine for Weight Watchers.”

Ironically, the Round Mound of Sexist Expound did this immediately after announcing that he planned to “get a bunch of churros.”

Shaq thought it was fucking hysterical.

shaq laughing at charles barkley offensive joke

ESPN’s Michelle Beadle, who is one of the aforementioned women born and raised in San Antonio, did not.

michelle beadle angry at barkley


Watch the clip for yourself and see how it makes you feel:

I’m guessing if you’re a woman listening to this fat man mock fat women, this doesn’t make you happy. But I could be wrong.


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