High School Boys in California Hold NFL-Style Draft for Dates to Prom

corona del mar high prom draft

High school boys selecting dates to the prom with an NFL-style draft? I’ll admit that it sounds like a pretty funny idea. It might even be harmless if carried out in a sensitive manner with only willing participants.

However, as you may recall, high school boys tend not to do things in a sensitive manner. In fact, high school in general can be a pretty savage place. And this, combined with the fact that high schoolers think prom is the most important thing that will ever happen in the history of the world, makes a prom draft pretty much a recipe for hurt feelings and objectification.

That’s why principal Kathy Scott of Corona Del Mar High School in Newport Beach, California, was quick to put an end to it when she got wind that it was going on at her school.

Or at least, she tried to put an end to it. According to one junior at the school, who spoke with the Daily Pilot, it might still be going on.

Basically it works like this. Anyone who wants to participate gets a random draft number drawn out of a bowl. However, if you want, you can pay money to get a higher selection. Then there is a draft night, and the boys make their selections.

According to the source who spoke to the Pilot, “a lot of girls respect the draft and stick with those dates.” However, it’s unclear whether girls sign up willingly to have their names in the draft, or if the boys just select whoever they want and get the “rights” to that girl.

Of course, even if the girls do sign up “willingly,” you know it was only because some serious peer pressure was applied. Aside from the five or ten girls who know they’re hot shit, there’s no way a female high school student is going to jump at the chance to be officially crowned the last girl any boy would want to go out with.

So yeah, ultimately this is a pretty terrible idea.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]


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