Indiana Newspaper Makes Hilarious Typo (Pic)

Indiana Newspaper Typo

Typographical errors are a simple reality of the publishing business, but they’re very rarely funny enough to mention outside of a correction notice. However, a recent headline printed by the Evansville Courier & Press in Indiana is definitely the exception to that rule.

It was supposed to be a simple headline about the NBA Playoffs, and the first clause didn’t have any issues, but the second one about the Miami Heat beating the Brooklyn Nets got a single letter wrong and the results were hilarious. The word “nuts” is pretty funny, so pretty much any context for this typo would be at least a little funny, but the use of the word “cut” brings it to the next level.

People on Twitter must have agreed, because Ryan Reynolds, editor of the Courier & Press, has gotten nearly 2000 retweets on his post about the typo, which you can see up at the top. For a caption, he included the probably unnecessary information that they “meant to say Nets.'”

Here’s the tweet:

We all make mistakes, Ryan. By the way, I loved you in Buried.


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