Watch Michael Jordan’s Legendary Shot Over Craig Ehlo From A New Courtside Angle (Video)

Michael Jordan The Shot

Normally, an unearthed video of a familiar shot from a new angle wouldn’t be very newsworthy. But everything about Michael Jordan‘s floating jumper over Cleveland’s Craig Ehlo to win Game 5 of the first round of the 1989 playoffs is exceptional and newsworthy.

Here’s the familiar video that so many of us recreated in our driveways:

So here we are.

I mean, even his celebration is iconic, so when this video recently surfaced 25 years after the fact, we feel it’s our privilege, nay, our OBLIGATION to share it.

And here you are (skip to 1:30):

The guys behind this shot also apparently had a time machine to bring a much higher-resolution camera back to 1989.

Grainy or otherwise, that shot can still get the goosebumps going.


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