Nationals Manager Matt Williams in Car Accident While Doing Live Radio Interview (Audio)

matt williams nationals manager

It’s still too early to say whether Matt Williams will be a good fit as manager of the Washington Nationals. The guy was hired back in October, but the 2014 season is only five weeks old.

That being said, one thing we do know for certain is that Williams will not get flustered in stressful situations.

How do we know it? Because while driving to work and doing his weekly radio segment on DC’s 106.7 The Fan this morning, the guy got rear-ended. Then the idiot who did it tried to flea the scene while cops chased after him. However, Williams remained cool as ice and calmly narrated the whole thing to folks who had tuned in to hear him talk baseball.

Then he simply resumed the interview like nothing had happened.

Have a listen:

First the guy benches Bryce Harper, and now this? I hated Matt Williams as a kid, but I like him now.


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