Oh, No…NFL Draftees Will Get To Pick Their Own Walk-Up Music

Goodell Draft Day

In a continued effort to make the NFL draft a spectacle capable of matching the hype behind it (impossible, btw), the powers that be, possibly while drunk, have allowed the draftees to pick their own walk-up music after they’re drafted.

Rich Eisen, a fairly reliable source on all things NFL, tweeted the news earlier today:

Will this make the broadcast of the draft interesting? Probably not. Unless the draftees pick the following songs, which I have spent upwards of thirty seconds brainstorming:

  • Nelly “Ride Wit Me” (“Must be the money”)
  • Etta James “At Last” (The Brady Quinn Theme)
  • Pearl Jam “Better Man” (For the last pick of the draft)
  • An original song that’s clearly about a one-night stand with Roger Goodell
  • The Pixies “Where Is My Mind?”  (For the draftee with the lowest Wonderlich score)
  • Cee-Lo “Fuck You” (For Johnny Manziel)
  • Queens of the Stone Age “Smooth Sailing” (This one’s just an awesome song)

Me? I’d just step out to some Yanni so everyone could adjust their expectations accordingly.

Underpromise and overdeliver.


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