Detroit Tigers Fan Accidentally Moons Crowd While Reaching for Foul Ball (Video)

Tigers fan mooon

During last night’s game at Comerica Park between the Detroit Tigers and the Houston Astros, a guy tried to give a fellow Tigers fan a helping hand, but ended up accidentally giving everyone an eyeful.

It happened after a stray ball rolled near their seats, and the more adventurous of the two fans reached out over the rail to grab it. But he lost his balance, and his friend pulled him up by his pants, with embarrassing results.

Despite the potential face-reddening here, though, it seems like a pretty good day at a ballgame to me—he got a ball, he got on TV, and the Tigers beat the Astros, 11-4.  It definitely could have been worse.

You can see how the whole thing went down in the video posted to Vine below. Watch it, enjoy it, laugh at it, and savor its subtle details.

Here it is:




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