Tommy Lasorda Discusses Donald Sterling And His Thoughts On V. Stiviano (Video)

Tommy Lasorda

One Los Angeles sports icon weighed in on another when former Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda offered up thirty seconds of commentary on the Donald Sterling situation.

During the discussion, Lasorda disclosed that he’s been a friend of Sterling’s for thirty years, but the comments made by the disgraced Clippers owner didn’t surprise him. He then stated that Sterling shouldn’t have said those things, lest anyone think that Lasorda would stand by his buddy.

It’s nothing terribly insightful, other than a guy admitting he has a racist jackass friend, as so many people do.

He then quickly opined on Sterling’s former girlfriend, the delightful V. Stiviano, to close the interview.

Check it out:

“I don’t wish that girl (Stiviano) any bad luck, but I hope she gets hit with a car.”

But…but that IS wishing bad luck on someone, Tommy. Unless of course, it’s good luck among Italians to get hit by cars. I know that a bird pooping on you is good luck, so it’s within the realm of possibility.

But, more likely, he was just trying to choose his words carefully, while still lashing out at the opportunist.


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