Blake Bortles’ Drafted by Jags, Girlfriend Lindsey Duke Celebrates With Instagram Photo

Lindsey Duke at the NFL Draft

At tonight’s NFL Draft, Blake Bortles, formerly of the University of Central Florida, was taken by the Jacksonville Jaguars with the third overall draft pick.

Backing Bortles up from the 2014 NFL Green Room was the quarterback’s girlfriend Lindsey Duke, who took the opportunity to post a pretty cool picture on her Instagram account:

The picture is just the latest part in Lindsey Duke’s wellspring of publicity as of late, grabbing up almost as many (if not more) headlines than her rising star boyfriend. So it’s definitely cool to see how sincerely excited she appears to be in the photograph, as well as the support she showed by going with Blake to the Draft.  I, for one, am rooting for these two kids.

But even if you don’t care about Blake Bortles or the Jacksonville Jaguars, you might want to take a look at Lindsey Duke’s Instagram account here. It’s not all pictures of jerseys, I’ll just say that.




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