Imagining Past NFL Drafts With Walk-Up Music (Video)

JaMarcus Russell draft

Yesterday, the NFL announced that they would allow draftees at tonight’s NFL Draft to select their own walk-up music, which will play over the speakers at the Radio City Music Hall in New York as they make their way to the stage after being selected.

That has caused some to wonder what it would have been like if past first-round draft picks like JaMarcus Russell and Andrew Luck were afforded such an opportunity.  Deadspin released their own hindsighted version of what it may have looked like if previous draftees selected their own walk-up music (check it out here), and so did Pigskin Buzz, whose video you can check out below:

I’m not sure which is better: Mark Sanchez walking out to Billy Gunn’s “I’m an Assman” WWE entrance song, or JaMarcus Russell walking up to Bruno Mars’ “The Lazy Song.”

I couldn’t have picked a better entrance song for either underachieving quarterback.

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