WBC Suspends Adrien Broner for Racially Insensitive Remarks Following Carlos Molina Fight

adrien broner post-fight comments racist

Taking a page from the NBA’s racial insensitivity handbook, the World Boxing Council has decided to suspend Adrien Broner for his racially insensitive remarks after his fight against Carlos Molina this past Saturday.

As you may have read, Broner told Jim Grey that he “just beat the f–k out of a Mexican.”

There are several problems with this, of course, starting with the fact that Molina isn’t really Mexican, strictly speaking. He was born in California and is of Argentine and Mexican decent.

More importantly, it’s just not cool to refer to an opponent’s race, as though that has any bearing on anything. And if you don’t believe it, just imagine what it would sound like if a white guy said what Broner said. The guy would have been tarred and feathered on the spot.

So that’s why the WBC has decided to suspend their former Lightweight champion until he issues an apology. Here’s their official press release:

Adrien Broner , former WBC lightweight champion has offended many persons of the world with his words during the interview after the fight vs Molina .

The World Boxing Council holds human equality as its banner and will not accept a former WBC champion to make racially offensive statements.

Since words have different meanings and can be interpreted in different ways , the WBC is issuing this open letter to Adrien Broner to either clarify what he meant with his words or to issue a public apology if those words were intended to be despective and offensive .

Adrien Broner is hereby suspended from participating in any WBC sanctioned Championship and will be excluded from the WBC Ratings until the time he makes a public apology satisfactorily to the public of the world .

Boxing is a great sport , it is a world sport and boxers are honorable and exemplary members of the community . FairPlay and human equality must always be upheld.

Hats off to the WBC. Their communications department may be grammatically challenged, but they are on the right side of this issue. Broner definitely deserves a suspension.

Hat Tip – [WBC]


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