Browns Welcome Johnny Football to Cleveland with Embarrassing Twitter Fail (Pic)

manziel 22th overall tweet

Last night, the Cleveland Browns did some Cleveland Brownsy things and some not so Cleveland Brownsy things.

The not so Brownsy things? They traded down from #4 to #8 and acquired another first round pick in 2015, which was actually really smart. Then they selected cornerback Justin Gilbert with the #8 pick, which was also smart.

After that it was back to being the Browns. With the #22 pick they chose a “franchise quarterback” like they do every other year. Then, they welcomed Johnny Manziel to Cleveland with a Twitter fail.

Of course, said Twitter fail was quickly deleted. But as you know, nothing ever really goes away on the internet. And in this case, the fail was captured by SB Nation’s Bill Hanstock:

The 22th overall pick? Looks to me like somebody in the communications department originally had the Browns drafting Manziel earlier. Like maybe 4th or 8th.

I guess not everybody was privy to the homeless guy’s scouting report in advance.

Oh, Browns.


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