Cleveland Browns Drafted Johnny Football Because Some Homeless Guy Told Them To (Video)

johnny manziel draft cleveland browns

Everyone knew that if Johnny Manziel was going to get drafted in the first round, it was going to be by a pathetic franchise that (a) really needs a quarterback and (b) is desperate to create a buzz in their beleaguered fan base. And that really only left the Jaguars, Browns, and maybe the Bills.

Then the Jags took Blake Bortless with the #3 pick and the Browns convinced (swindled?) the Bills to give them their first round pick in 2015 for the #4 pick, with which they took Sammy Watkins. So that left just the Browns.

Given that the Browns are in perpetual search of a franchise quarterback, at that point you just knew they were going to take Johnny Football. They could have taken Teddy Bridewater at #8 or #22, or they could have gone for Derek Carr or even A.J. McCarron in the later rounds. But when you know your pick is going to fail, why not at least pick somebody who will fail with a little pizazz?

However, the Browns apparently did not arrive at the decision to draft Johnny Football quite as easily as we would have thought. In fact, according to ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio, team owner Jimmy Haslam was on the fence until he heard a pretty convincing argument…

What? The Browns owner takes football advice from random homeless dudes on the street?

Yeah, that sounds about right.


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