Cleveland Cops Confiscate Kids’ Basketball Hoop, Drag It Away With Their Police Cruiser (Videos)

cleveland police confiscate basketball hoop drag it away behind car

If you plan to visit Cleveland any time soon (and you probably are), don’t even think about playing basketball on a city street. That’s illegal, and the cops there do not mess around.

Just ask west side resident Cheri Fiorelli. She bought a basketball hoop for the boys in her neighbourhood because they help her out a lot. Unfortunately, playing basketball on a quiet residential street is a huge threat to public safety. So after the cops warned the boys on numerous occasions, they came and took the hoop away…by dragging it behind their car.

Here’s the story as reported by WOIO Cleveland News Now:

And here’s a sweet Vine set to the tune of NWA’s “F*ck Tha Police”:

Personally, I’d like to congratulate the city of Cleveland. I didn’t realize you all had completely eradicated violent crime in your city, such that this—kids keeping busy and getting exercise—is the kind of thing the police are concerning themselves with these day.

Really, way to go, everyone!

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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