Kobe Bryant Talks MJ, Donald Sterling, Swaggy P, and the Lakers Horrible Season on Jimmy Kimmel (Videos)

Kobe Bryant on Jimmy Kimmel

Last night, most sports fans in America were completely preoccupied with the 2014 NFL Draft to pay attention to any other sports-related event.

This was not the case in Los Angeles, however. All those NFL teams, which exist, choosing players who will one day take part in actual football games that people can just watch? That’s just too painful for L.A. sports fans.

Luckily they had Jimmy Kimmel, who tried to distract L.A. sports fans from the fact that they don’t have a football team by having Kobe Bryant on his show for a little chat. It was actually pretty interesting, too, as far as non-football topics go.

Kobe talked about the time he talked smack to Michael Jordan:

And obviously he also addressed the whole Donald Sterling situation:

But he also talked about lighter things, like the horrible, horrible first pitch by Swaggy P:

And how much fun it was to watch the Lakers’ 2013-14 season:

Okay, internet. Now you can go back to obsessing about the draft.


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