In New ‘Secret’ Recording, Donald Sterling Denies Being a Racist, Says He Aint Sellin’ the Clippers (Audio)

donald sterling with v. stiviano

Not long after the world heard the audio recording of Donald Sterling being a racist old coot, there were reports that a distraught Sterling was calling up all his friends and asking them to tell him he’s not a racist. However, those reports also indicated that these friends refused to talk to him on the phone for fear that he was recording them. And that makes perfect sense—what better way to refute a recording that seems to capture the man’s genuine, unfiltered feelings, than with another recording that (supposedly) captures his (supposedly) genuine, unfiltered feelings?

Well, wouldn’t you know it? Now just such a recording has surfaced! It’s not exactly one of Donald’s friends telling him he’s not a racist. In fact, it’s Donald himself insisting he’s not a racist. But the friend isn’t objecting or anything, which I supposed you can interpret as tacit agreement.

Also, I should mention that the friend sounds like he’s probably a black guy. Because dammit, that’s how un-racist Donald Sterling is! He talks to black people on the phone!

Anwyay, as you can probably tell, I’m pretty skeptical about this new audio. In fact, I’d say there’s a 95% chance Sterling himself recorded and leaked it to RadarOnline. The guy isn’t having a conversation. He’s presenting a calculated argument, making sure to refute all the key allegations against him. Then he expresses disappointment that Magic Johnson didn’t reach out to him to hear his side of the story—this really is Magic’s fault when you think about it—and he insists that he’s not selling the team, because this is America, dammit.

Have a listen:

So what do you think? Was this all Sterling, or did one of his many close African-American friends record their conversation?

Either way it’s ridiculous.


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